At SploitWorks, we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at questions@sploitworks.com or visit our message board.

What does it mean to "flash" a router?

Flashing is the process of replacing the firmware on a router. Due to the limited size of memory on a router, you cannot simply uninstall the factory firmware and then install DD-WRT, as you would do if you were replacing a program on your computer.

In order to alter the firmware you must first upgrade the router's control panel. If this process is done improperly your router will cease to function correctly and the router's hardware may become permanently damaged or "bricked."


[QUESTION] I am a newbie, what firmware should I choose
[ANSWER] DDWRT. Unless you know for a fact you need features in other firmware, DDWRT is the primary way to go. There is a ton of misleading info on the internet that swears by Tomato but in all reality, DDWRT is kept up to date more often and will have better driver support and faster security patches.

[QUESTION] How are your routers so affordable?
[ANSWER] We purchase routers in Bulk from Suppliers who have acquired routers from service providers. These routers are often in very good shape “as is” but many need refurbishing (Usually cleaning and inspecting) and sometimes we do find routers with problems and they are removed from our inventory immediately. We do not purchase routers that have been returned because they don’t work. These are all leased equipment returns or direct working purchases.

[QUESTION] Will my router come with a box or CD’s?
[ANSWER] Unless NEW or we otherwise state they do, They will not usually. Mainly because the discs are absolutely useless with the custom firmware. As far as the Boxes, if we have them, we usually don't ship them because they add weight to the shipping or bulk that inflates shipping prices. By removing them, this helps cut costs to you and us. Additionally the open-source firmware we flash will have online manuals. We do provide links to those manuals and the organizations who design the firmware. We try to make this process as eco friendly as possible. If you want a "pretty" piece of cardboard we will be more than happy to charge you extra for it.

[QUESTION] Do you provide support for general internet routing etc.??
[ANSWER] Partially... Depends on the needs.

Generally it is a nightmare considering how many ISP’s are providing service and their different configurations. We can however generally point customers at the right documentation or resources. However, if you are willing to pay for tech support time, we can do it.

[QUESTION] Do you provide support for the routers you sell?
[ANSWER] Partially.

For Basic Setup and for the VPN installs.

We do not provide support for actually using your router with advanced routing configurations, this would be extremely time consuming. Manuals are available online.

However, it depends on the needs.

[QUESTION] Can you help me install a VPN?
[ANSWER] Yes, we will install this ahead of time for a extra fee and you must provide your VPN information. (Username, Password, and your approximate city for closest VPN server setup.) We can also install remotely if your router is already flashed.

That form to start the process is here

Contact us before, so we can make sure we are all on the same page with each other.

[QUESTION] How are your routers tested for quality control for refurbishing?
[ANSWER] We physically plug in the devices, connect them to the internet and make sure they route without problems. The flashing process itself (via serial cable) reveals Memory issues if any, and any bad memory blocks outside of the norm are noted through simple NAND Commands or Flash Commands. LAN ports are tested by packet loss tests through connected laptops. Wifi is tested by connecting to them and testing for normal activities and throughput speed tests. Most all routing problems are driver or outdated firmware related so we make sure and always use after market stable firmware releases unless otherwise asked for different. This works out better for everyone to flash more powerful firmware. Juice up your router!

[QUESTION] Can you install other firmware on demand like LibreCMC, LEDE, CeroWRT or Gargoyle?
[ANSWER] It depends in if the router model is supported by those firmware. We know how, just depends in the router. Contact us to find out.

[QUESTION] Can you Pre-Install other Packages into the routers like OpenSSH?
[ANSWER] Yes, we will do this for an additional fee. Contact Sales

[QUESTION] How long is the router you sell me under warranty?
[ANSWER] We actually provide a general 90 day warranty from the date of the shipping received information (Delivery Date). If your item goes defective, we will replace it if it has not been altered or damaged by the customer. However, any other reasons for return are 14 days after purchase and return shipping is paid by the buyer PERIOD. This is mainly policy but not set in stone. It depends on the issues.

[QUESTION] I don’t see a model of router I want, can you order and flash a model not listed?
[ANSWER] Depends on what router Contact Sales for more info. We can flash many router models and often do this for customers on the Bring your own router program.

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