What does it mean to Flash a Router?

What does it mean to "flash" a router?

Installing Custom Firmware like DD-WRT on a router is like installing a program onto your computer. However, doing it incorrectly can leave you with a router that you have to throw away. Installing programs on a router, known as firmware, are achieved by a method called "flashing."

The reason for this is that Routers contain "Flash Memory" and we replace that area of the Memory with new Firmware.

Why should I buy a Custom Flashed Router from SploitWorks?

The risks that are involved in attempting to flash a router to save a few $$$ can sometimes outweigh the benefits for the user. If you don't believe us type "Help Bricked Router DDWRT" on google to see what people do daily trying to save a few $$$. This is real folks. The manuals online on how to flash routers are for Techies, not your average user. In fact, SploitWorks helps in some of these processes but we do not write manuals for beginners.

With our experience, we will insure you get a hassle free product that will meet your needs for a router with extra power features without possibly turning a valuable product into a.... Brick.

VPN Benefits

Typically all devices connected to the router will use the same interface, so everything would go via one single OpenVPN connection.

The main benefit is just reliability. Routers tend not to drop the connection, or can renegotiate it back up without you having to do a thing, and your devices cannot get your real IP since the router just gives them the details they need for the connection to the VPN, so even if you had a security flaw on your systems, it would mean basically nothing.

Combine this with a firewall kill switch and keep alive commands and you have a tool in your network arsenal to keep your home protected from hackers and even your ISP spying on you. Yes... They do that... Nasty people they are..